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Amnesty International : Routine tortures and beatings of prisoners. People disappearing in the night after complaining about their oppressors. Executions for trivial offenses. Events of the Occupation? No, these events are going on throughout our world today. Amnesty International is doing what it can to uncover these injustices and, when possible, find relief for the thousands of prisoners forced to experience such inhuman conditions. : Millions of Bajorans killed by Cardassian invaders -- just a fantasy. Six million Jews killed by German invaders -- a harsh truth about the depths of depravity possible by humanity on a large scale. Whatever one's religion or nationality, we must never ever forget what happened a half century ago, and what could happen in the future if our vigilance ever falters.

The Bajoran Central Archives : Most likely the best encyclopedia on the Internet for all things Bajoran. A comprehensive listing of all facts known about Bajor, its occupants and all the events that have shaped the planet's past and future history. Maintained by the Shakaar Society.

The DS9 Encyclopedia and Lexicon : Dedicated to everyone and everything portrayed during the seven years of Deep Space Nine, this is another painstakingly researched database that is obviously a labor of love. It has a particularly good section on Bajorans, including numerous photos of the most important personalities.

 The Bajoran Resource Center : Want some detailed data and illustrations for building a springball court on your back patio? This is the place to find it, as well as conduct further research into Bajoran science, religion and other nuances of the planet's rich culture.

The Bajoran Language File : Extrapolating from the few untranslated phrases heard on Deep Space Nine, this site gives Bajorans what Klingons have had for years -- a rich, developed language. With sections on popular phrases and grammar alongside a well-populated dictionary, authors Kel Dasha, Dyshal Entara and Kahlen A'tria are truly to be commended for their groundbreaking work.

Star Trek in Sound and Vision : The place to go for digitized photographs, wallpaper, sound bytes and all your other media needs associated with Star Trek's decades of episodes and movies. The catalog is amazing, and it's all free!

Deep Space 18 : The headquarters for a great Star Trek fan club with a particular love for Bajorans and other aspects of Deep Space Nine. Based in Boulder, Colorado, the group exists for one purpose -- to have fun -- so anybody who wants a club mired in political squabbling should look elsewhere. : The center of the universe for Star Trek roleplaying. A vast array of play aids, scenarios, and official errata, the site also offers lively message boards that are often frequented by the authors of the Last Unicorn Games' series of Star Trek RPG rulebooks and supplements. : Fully authorized by Paramount Studios, this is the totally, 100 percent official site for the Star Trek franchise. Along with being a source of late-breaking news concerning the various series, the site also offers its own detailed encyclopedia, a variety of games and a comprehensive guide to every Star Trek episode ever filmed -- including the animated series.


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