Appendix: Occupation Timeline


2309 Offering technological assistance, Cardassians met by Bajorans with open arms

2318 The first Cardassian Occupation troops land on Bajoran soil

2328 Cardassia formally annexes Bajor

2340s - Cardassian expansion leads to bloody border war with United Federation of planets

2343 Kira Nerys born to Kira Meru and Kira Taban

2344 Shakaar Edon joins the Resistance

2346 Terok Nor construction begins in orbit around Bajor

2346 Halb Daier helps form Resistance cell on Terok Nor

2346 Kira Meru taken from family to serve as comfort woman

2346 Time-displaced Kira Nerys plants bomb near Gul Dukat on Terok Nor

2347 Federation battles Cardassia at Setlik III

2351 Dekon Elig plants aphasia-virus device on Terok Nor

2351 Higa Metar cell members Dekon Elig and Surmak Ren imprisoned

2351 Terok Nor construction completed

2353 Kira Meru dies in Cardassian hospital

2353 Tora Ziyal born to Gul Dukat and Tora Naprem

2355 Federation truce offer forcefully denied by Cardassians

2355 Kira Nerys joins the Resistance

2356 Kira Nerys joins the Shakaar Resistance cell

2357 Gallitep prison camp liberated by Shakaar Resistance cell

2358 Odo discovered in the Denorios asteroid belt

2359 Gul Dukat appointed commander of Terok Nor

2359 Shakaar cell begins 10-year use of Kola Mountain caves for base

2360 Dekon Elig killed trying to escape from Velos III prison camp

2360 Iliana Ghemor, Obsidian Order spy, tries to infiltrate Resistance

2361 Shakaar cell suffers harsh winter hiding in Kola Mountain caves

2363 Gul Darhe'el, the "Butcher of Gallitep," dies in his sleep

2363 Odo performs "Cardassian neck trick" at the Bajoran Center for Science

2363 Quark installs holosuites in his casino on Terok Nor

2363 Shakaar cell attacks home of Gul Pirak, killing 12 Cardassians

2365 Kira Nerys kills Bajoran collaborator Vaatrik on Terok Nor

2365 Odo walks out on Bajoran keepers

2365 Odo appointed constable on Terok Nor

2366 Cardassian and Federation officials ratify truce, halting Border Wars

2366 Lorit Akrem taken prisoner and shipped to off-world prison camp

2366 Odo becomes an officer of the Cardassian court system

2366 Ravinok shot down by the Breen, crash lands on Dozaria

2367 Cardassian and Bajoran officials begin armistice discussions

2367 Cardassian and Federation governments officially agree to armistice

2367 Plasma grenade detonated near Gul Dukat on Terok Nor

2367 Ishan Chaye, Jillur Gueta, andTimor Landi wrongfully executed on Terok Nor

2367 Cardassians attack Federation colony on Solarion IV then blame Bajoran Resistance

2368 Formal peace treaty between Cardassia and the Federation

2369 Withdrawal of Cardassian forces from Bajor after approval of armistice

2371 Formal peace treaty between Cardassia and Bajor



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