Roleplaying the Occupation


As mentioned on the acknowledgements page, Remember Forever the Long Night began as a set of notes compiled to assist in the writing of roleplaying scenarios centered around a group of Bajoran Freedom Fighters during the Cardassian Occupation of their planet.

The most obvious choice in rules for such an endeavor would be the Deep Space Nine Roleplaying Game published by Last Unicorn Games. Contained in that book are rules covering the main events of the television series' seven years, with specifics for everything from day-to-day starbase operations to staging a battle with a Cardassian warship in the Badlands.

Since work on this Web site began, however, Last Unicorn Games folded, although the company's numerous works (including several supplements to the DS9 roleplaying game) can still be commonly found at many game stores. Most of the company's staff were afterward hired by another gaming company, Decipher Inc., which intends to publish a new series of Star Trek roleplaying game rulebooks by the end of 2001.

Because there exists several different sets of rules for running Star Trek-oriented games, and because there are dozens of other respected roleplaying rule systems in existence, I decided to make the comprehensive historical section of this Web page a "systemless" supplement. Not only does that allow it to be used generically with any rules system, but it can be equally enjoyed by readers with an interest in Bajoran history but no interest in gaming.

Nonetheless, I here include the first of several Occupation-themed scenarios I wrote specifically for use with the Last Unicorn Games rules system. I hope it might also inspire the imagination of gamemasters who run their games using other sets of rules.

The scenario is intended to be ready to run, complete with maps and statistics for non-player characters. It contains some unusual twists, so it is highly recommended that the potential gamemaster thoroughly reads it from start to finish before play begins.

Enjoy yourself. Good luck. And may the Prophets bless your path.

Eris Caver


Scenario one: A Time to Live, A Time to Die

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