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When instructed, please follow the Narrator to an open area of the room. He will have you stand around another player, who will have his or her eyes closed and will not know what is going on. That player has been taken out of linear time and into the Orb by the Prophets, who have surrounded the player while they discuss his or her fate. After that player opens his or her eyes, the Narrator will read the first line of the script, then pause to let the player respond if they so desire. Then, whoever has the next line marked on their sheet should read it aloud then pause in the same fashion. This will proceed until all the lines have been recited. Whatever the player might say or ask after you read your lines, do not answer questions or directly respond in any way. Instead, remain mute until it is time to read the next line that has been marked on your sheet. After the last line has been read, please quietly return to the gaming table.

Thank you for your help!